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Facebook connect option for a multi-network buddypress set-up

  • valuser


    Set-Up WP 3.5.1, BP 1.6.4, Networks+ 0.2.3(premium) , BP Multi Network 0.1.1 on an online test site-

    There is login redirection based on the users subdomain (i.e. users “main” network”) which is chosen (required user_meta field) by the user at registration.

    Currently there is only one registration location, the main network, and all registration attempts are redirected to there.

    I now want include a Facebook connect option for registration and login that will mirror the above scenario.

    Have a copy of j.klein’s wp-fb-auto (dv) (who has guidance about hooks & filters on his site) but am easy about how its done!

    If you are believe you can do the above and are interested please contact Val —> valuser at eircom dot net

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