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fatal error: call to undefined function

  • Ok the errror is clear enough and solution straightforward but this does raise a huge issue, one I’ve mentioned before but feel is being glossed over by the dev community:

    function call is bp_link_continue() in /bp-links-default/links-loop-item.php

    The reason for the error is that I have copied out /bp-links-default/ to a child theme for the possible purpose of editing what I consider the presentational frontend files.

    Comparing the two files shows marked differences; and suggests that the nature of theming in BP is flawed, if these files are going to change from plugin release to release it does not make the creation of true custom layouts possible unless that is one wants to update and re-create any changes one has made each and every time an upgrade goes through.

    I would love to be set right on this count and for it to be shown that I’m missing some salient point in all this but at present I can only see that there is not correct separation between mid tiers and presentational tiers, surely any calls made from the presentation layer files should never change they must remain constant and reference changes made to mid tier files.

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  • MrMaz


    I try to minimize template changes, but it would not be possible to add features or correct bugs if templates were frozen.

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