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favourite map not showing

  • have used favourite widget to try to show favourite place, but no map is showing

    no doubt something simple…?

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  • Have you added an ID to represent which place you want to add to the widget?

    When you edit the widget, you have a choice to add a “widget title” and a “place id” – without this ID, it will not know which place to show. You can find the place IDs by visiting “Places > Places” then hovering over the titles of the places or clicking them to see which ID is being used by which place. It’s in the part of the address that goes “post=XX” with XX being the ID. We know that this needs to be improved and made easier for the user with a drop-down box and have added it to our roadmap.

    cheers for that – I now get the google logo in the map space but with no map – just a grey box.

    i have changed the address format to be more user friendly (e.g. /avebury… rather than /p=”xx”) and used this as the id. Is this likley to be a problem?

    Yes. You can use pretty permalinks, but the ID in the widget will need to remain a number.

    Hope to make this an easier process as soon as possible.

    ah…that did it! cheers

    as a side point – please excuse my ignorance here – am i right in thinking that i can create posts/places that are geo-tagged (if i understand the term correctly), and so can only be picked (on mobiles) in specific geographic locations? – so for example, I could post information about Stonehenge that can only be picked up when people are actually at Stonehenge and not before. If this is the case, then do people have to be in the exact location or is there a degree of margin, i.e. a radius around the geo-tagged poin where the data can be downloaded?


    The geo-tagging features offered by gPress merely allow you to add geo-relevant data to your site (in the form of either geo-tagged posts, which can be geo-tagged from a mobile device or “places”, which are geo-tagged from the web as an administrator).

    Displaying information based on geo-graphical location is not something that gPress presently has planned for its future – not at least until we start to develop the mobile version / application of our own, which will allow for geo-relevant check-ins and so forth, but that’s several versions away and the limited time we have available to develop and support this exciting new plugin is extremely limited so would not like to make any form of guarantee or even guess as to when exactly we will be getting to that stage, but hope you will continue to follow and support our cause – for the more feedback and participation we can get from the community the better! :-)

    Already resolved – forgot to close.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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