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Feature Request: Gift Points Achievement Type

  • I really like this plugin and have been using it for action based achievements. Currently there is 2 options to gain an achievement Award and Event. I would like to have access to a third option being gift. The idea behind this is for promoting other users for what they may have accomplished. I would be giving out a set amount of points to all users which they would be able to gift to another user using a gift based achievement allowing us to also set the amount needed for each gift. This option should also allow the user to gift to more than 1 person at a given time for the given achievement while deducting the points they were supplied to give out. I would use this for user driven feedback say with in a customer driven environment where employees could say great job to other employees rather than just getting feedback from management.

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  • Lets say every week the user gains X amount of points they can gift to others while also having a cap so they have a use it or loose it scenario.

    Thanks for the feedback, but I won’t be adding anything to Achievements that makes it a virtual currency.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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