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feature request..

  • sj


    hmm ray well i dunno u r planning to extend the plugin . just a few sugestions
    1.fancy loading like fb style — title description n thumbnail.. .
    and for video provider providing no thumnail .. use some image , icon smthing .. if no description repeat the title.. if no title.. use url insted of title :P .. think fb do like that :P (think saw smwhere u r not goign to impliment cause sm provider dun provide thumbnail )

    then on click the player loads :P

    2.mp3 support … also like url extension based emebeding.. like if its a png , jpg smthing .. the image tag ..
    mp3 use opensource player and in playable mode smthing ? .. also if possible, convert image to thumnail .. and on click load in light box .. :P

    3.:P fb like preview … for the videos :P

    includess lot coding with jquery n php i think :P … this is my dream feature list.. for now am just starter in php .. so just asking if u r considering nay of this features…

    think 2nd option is easy ..

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