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Feature suggestion: Members inherit groups in tree

  • houser



    Developing a board for a school and need this plugin enhanced if possible.

    We basically would love to be able to have users inherit group membership in the tree.
    menaing if you are a member of group “C” in example below, you are also automatically
    a member of groups A and B in the hirarchy tree.

    Trying to illustrate by simple example of group tree:

    A – B – C

    We would also need the ability to have a setting where you need to ask permission to leave a group.
    This is for school, that would depend on this functionality to reach members
    grateful for any hint if this is possible and perhaps on a roadmap.
    We could probably sponsor such a development to some extent if given the chance.

    thanx for your time!

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  • houser


    Dear all.
    Any chance of a short response of where to start /how you would go about trying to get the above mentioned functionality into our BP installation? We can’t write this ourselves but would sponsor if others are interested.
    Grateful for any brief hints. New to BP.

    David Dean


    Unfortunately, this requirement wouldn’t suit a lot of setups, so it doesn’t really make sense to go in the plugin. I can’t give a full response at the moment, but here’s something to get you started:

    You can use the `bp_group_hierarchy_get_parents()` function to get an array of a group’s parents, and join the user to those groups.

    I’ve (coincidentally) also written a plugin called BuddyPress Mandatory Groups that will let you lock users into groups. It works with the Manage Members tab or with the awesome BP Group Management plugin.

    We can talk more about your project if you’re still looking for developers. Feel free to email me at david at generalthreat dot com.



    Thanx for reply David!

    Again, we are new to this but need a few things which does not exist out of the box.
    I’ll email you about that then.

    Thanx also for mandatory groups tip. I’ll ask in that group then about that also.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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