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  • James


    hi @pcwriter,

    small question re your plugin “Add All Nav Links to BP Adminbar” and few features of it.

    – Hide or display the main theme navigation
    – Enable or disable the addition of WordPress pages/menus
    – Enable or disable the addition of Buddypress components

    One feature is not in list, but maybe plugin still has it (?) :

    – Hide or display Buddypress components in the main theme navigation

    Idea is that at the moment you can add pages to adminbar and hide/leave them in navigation. But if you add components to adminbar, what is good, they disappear in navigation, what is bad.

    is there any way to not to hide them in navigation manually (want them in both places)?


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  • pcwriter



    The plugin does not remove items from the main nav; it simply adds whatever you like to the adminbar. You can add WP/BP items to the adminbar and still have them display in the main nav too.

    Simply enable the addition of WP pages/menus and BP components, and disable hide main nav.

    If you don’t want WP items in your main nav, don’t add them in your custom menus. If you don’t want BP items in your main nav, wait for BP1.3 (that version will use WP pages for BP components, so you’ll be able to add them – or not – however you want in your main nav using WP custom menus).

    Hope this helps! :-)



    thanks, helps, and you can not imagine how much.
    now I understand that one day I have commented BP components out from main navigation in my child theme and simply forgot about this :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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