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feedback for member profile stats

  • brianglanz


    With thanks to @nuprn1 for member profile stats — de rigueur for social networking and I like them here at, too — I have two minor suggested changes then some enhancement ideas.

    First, change the text when topic_count is 0 — line 101 of bp-member-profile-stats.php — from ‘No forum posts made yet.’ to ‘No forum topics started yet.’ else you’ve just a double of the post_count 0 text.

    The second suggestion is more subjective. I would display “item-member-meta-stats” below or after “latest-update” and still above or before “item-buttons”. It seems more user centric to put the status update first, to lead with a user’s chosen image, username, status.

    Possible enhancements: Even more user centric would be to give users the option of displaying stats, or still better an option per stat. If a given user does not use status updates, then she might turn off the leading ‘No status updates yet.’.

    An option for site admins might be: if a given count is 0, then don’t show anything for that count, rather than a line of text calling out that there’s nothing.

    Consider adding a count for blog posts. If you do, placed above blog comments?

    You could add code to handle a count of 1 so for example ‘1 forum topics’ would be ‘1 forum topic’.

    Again, thanks for pluginifying and well.

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  • mrjarbenne


    I’d second the blog posts count.

    I use Intense Debate site-wide so I know I won’t see the comment count reflect accurately (although on a separate note I wish buddypress and intense debate played well together), but I’ve noticed that comments made on the P2 themed blogs in my site also do not register. Not sure where the issue would lie.

    Thanks for a great plugin. I look forward to following it’s growth.

    thanks for the feedback! a bit basic/raw right now so i’ll definitely add in the options.



    Great plugin, I love this, so very simple but great!

    Only niggle I notice right now is as Brian above mentions. When no topics have been made by a member the actual text says

    ‘No forum posts made yet.’ where is should say ‘No forum topics started yet.’

    As a future enhancement to the plugin I would love to be able to select exactly what stats are displayed in an admin panel. I don’t let my members post their own blogs as I use just a single install so for instance don’t need to display that if it is added to a future version etc.

    Great work though it’s great!



    I acutally have an idea. Not sure if its doable since I have zero coding experience.

    However, ever since I started using Buddypress I´ve missed something to put in the login widget. It feels empty after login. Would it be possible to insert this plugins information into the login widget? (showing your stats when you are logged in)



    @rich! @ etiviti

    Got a bit of a problem. Don’t know why but on all new signups the profile stats area is buggy.

    It shows No counts fine with all text displayed properly but when there is a count for something, e.g. a forum posts it merely displays the number but doesn’t label what is is so instead of showing:

    ‘1 forum posts’

    it simply says ‘1’

    I have deactivated ALL plugins except this one and it still happens. For some reason this is only afffecting new users and not old ones.
    The new users I have created today were done manually through the admin panel and not through the registration form but this is the only thing I can think of that makes them different to the other members.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?



    Blog Posts Count is a must. Could also use manual insertion in the template. There’s also a few other total counts you can throw in there but the list will get pretty long as default, so maybe options for admin to select which to display – Favorites total count & Mentions total count (whenif compatible, album+ image count, bplinks link count)…but most importantly, Blog Posts count, you’ll need to consider multiple blogs per user, total count sitewide would be great but splitting up total count of posts for each blog that a user has authored on would be even better.



    @nuprn1 any idea on why I’m having the above trouble? Only happens with new members that I have created since 2..1.4.1 of BP. Stats are just showing numbers and not what the numbers represent.



    @nuprn1 I’ve worked out the problem. When a member is new your plugin can’t assign an average number of posts etc per day for a member less than a day old and thus displays just a number and no description. Something to look at for the next release maybe. Thanks for a great plugin though!

    ok, just made an update to v0.2 with an admin page to select which counts to display and fixed the wording. I’ll hold off on total blog posts until wp3.0 is out (i’m not set up on wpmu at the moment)

    also some various actions/filters/template tags so if you wanted to change things up (ie, if a count is 0 via a filter you could just remove the text) or call out a specific count.

    @linusf i added in a hook to display something in the sidebar_me area, just add this action into bp (bp-custom or functions)
    add_action( ‘bp_after_sidebar_me’, ‘bp_member_profile_stats_sidebar_me’, 1)

    @Brianglanz The second suggestion is more subjective. I would display “item-member-meta-stats” below or after “latest-update” and still above or before “item-buttons” – No bp action hook exists in the theme for this section – below the username or below the buttons

    @nahummadrid – some of those counts already have functions in bp so i just added a hook: do_action(‘bp_member_profile_stats_header_meta’); that outputs underneath the standard counts – so just tie into that and output whatever counts. (if you need the days since number to calc a per day avg – bp_member_profile_stats_days_since() will return it)



    This is a great Plugin. but to be more greater (!) I think this options must be added:
    1- we see the resault in sidebar and user profile pages, it’s better to see the resaults also under the users avatars. for example:
    [the avatar]
    joined: …
    posts: …
    topics: …

    2- bbpress has a plugin that you can add psudo roles to the users: Post Count Plus. you can find it here: I think it would be nice if you add this option to your plugin. or tell us how to do it ourselves, :)

    3- in admin page of your plugin, you can add some options to choose where the resaults must be seen. (so the user can simply choose the options, and he doesn’t have to add codes to the functions.php)

    4- Great work ;)

    1 & 2 – both of those are restricted due to lack of hooks within the buddypress group forums templates (poster-meta) vs bbpress

    3 – yes i’ll add that in as an option for the sidebar_me widget – just did that for a quick fix.

    4 – thanks :P




    Probably answered this above with regard to hooks in forums… Is there any way we can add the number of topics posted in a forum to the users display when posting to a forum? I.E. can a forum topic show a users topics post number as the post/answer?

    There are a number of bbpress plugins that do this, but my understanding is we can’t easily import them (ok I can’t easily import them) into Buddypress… Is this true?


    P.S. I’m interested in the caching option for this plugin when it becomes available and also thanks for the hook three comments above this one.



    I can’t wait for the blog posts option. It is really useful to have.



    Strangely enough, the plugin currently has a option for “posts”, but when selected it doesn’t change anything on the user’s profile. Was this an oversight or have I found a bug?

    I’m running WP 3.0 with BP

    “posts” is forum posts (i’ll change that in the next update) i still have yet to get up to full speed on WP3.0 – so i’ll check that out if it is not showing up.

    i’m also researching into the total number of blog posts across all blogs in a MS install – nothing built into WP to pull this info out. (nor a plugin with any hints on getting there)



    Oh, and one other thing I’ve noticed on our install since installing the plugin last night. The “blog comments” section only shows the number of comments made on the main site, it doesn’t count comments made across all of the other user’s blogs.

    We just upgraded last night from WPMU to WP 3.0 (MS) but I don’t think that should make a difference.

    correct – that falls into the figuring out how to get total number of blog posts/comments across all MS blogs



    @nuprn1 is there not a widget for member stats like for community stats? if not can there be!

    @nahummadrid use this for now: (places the stats under the logged in sidebar area for that user)



    any update here? blog posts? are comment counts sitewide or just he main site?

    Geet Jacobs


    Adding group count for members would be nice.

    I dont use WPMU so I actually edited the plugin to make to make “User Blogs” “Groups” in the below file.
    I changed “$total_count = bp_blogs_total_blogs_for_user();” be “$total_count = bp_get_total_group_count_for_user();” Also removed “bp_core_is_multisite() &&” if check so I could user “blogs” option in single site wordpress.

    Simple hack for anyone who wants to display group count.

    Would be a easy nice feature to add.

    also how easy would it be for me to make the Count number link to the corresponding lists?

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