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Find friends option?

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    I may have missed this, but is there any plugin that allows users to search for friends who are already members? For example, pull in their Twitter or Facebook and find anyone who is already registered to add as a friend?

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    Stephen Farr


    I am interested in this as well? Does anyone know if this plugin exists?

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    It seems like a real no-brainer… otherwise people have to scour the member list (which is tough since I have thousands of members).


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    Just curious… would anyone consider developing this and, if so, what would you charge? You could probably make it a paid plugin if you didn’t charge too much too, I am thinking. Would really love to have this option.

    nice idea, am looking for this plugin aswell


    I would be interested in programming this for the community :) Would it just be facebook & twitter or maybe emails, name(first and last) also… It will take me a few weeks to build but im up for the challenge.

    As for money, i would release this as open source so I would not expect someone to foot a bill however if people want to help out they can donate to me like on my other plugin for hiding profile groups to unpaid members.

    Let me know if you guys are still interested.

    @ashley, thank you, thank you so much, have searched everywhere for this plugin but dont see. i know a lot of people are interested. email, twitter and facebook is ok. so that if you want to know your facebook friend who already register with the site , you just enter your facebook email and password and all your facebook friends who registered on that same site will just show. and so as email and twitter aswell


    @naijaping I am coding it now. will be done soon.


    Ashley Johnson

    you are the man

    thank uuuuuuuuuu

    This is brilliant news, it’s a much needed functionality.
    If email could import address book from provider (eg. gmail, hotmail contacts etc.) and the user’s local address book (Mac / PC) that would be an absolute winner!
    Really looking forward to whatever you come up with.

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    Thank you thank you @elgunvo !!!! I think yeah, being able to check for FB, Twitter and email friends would work great. I would be more than happy to donate to this plugin. :-)

    + M2

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    I would definitely love to see this plugin too. Thanks @elgunvo !

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    @elgunvo – how is it coming along?

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    Prince Abiola Ogundipe


    any news?

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    yes i too am wondering how this is coming along? also if there might be an invite feature as well? Like invite your facebook friends to join, that kind of thing? Thank you so much Ashley, excited for this!

    @elgunvo, any news on this plugin?


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    @naijaping @brainiacwebdesigns

    I found the plugin by buddydev is full working and compatible with 1.5+ Doesn’t this suits your needs? Hope it does! :)

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    Hi – any update on the plugin? I basically need to find facebook friends who are using my website. just like the find friends option in facebook, pinterest, etc..

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    Oh man, I know that coding isn`t easy. these days most of the people have their own business and also very good Ideas, If i was a coder, I developed a great website using our little buddypress…
    Now i decided to learn php and fir rest of my life just code and code for myself and people. Im glad because Im just 16 years old and have enough time.

Viewing 20 replies - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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