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Follower Plugin on BP makes it hard to find UPDATES from Users

  • Pisanojm


    There are a number of issues that are hindering people (like me) from effectively using this site (BP) to find answers to our questions… This plugin may be one of them.

    One of the largest issues that is glaring is the inability to follow activity (either when sent a notication) or by searching as described here:
    The Trac is here… I would love to see this bumped to 1.2.6

    With regard to the Follower plugin… I discovered this only after I read @r-a-y ‘s Closed Ticket that I made:

    I honestly cannot find the post that started this all on BP because of the issues I talked about above, but I was able to determine that in the DEFAULT BP as Ray said this works when you click on a USER. It seems when BP Followers is implemented that clicking on a User will give you the timeline of all people the person is following including themselves -not onlike a Twitter Homepage of a User….

    Because of this, there is now no easy way to find all messages generated by a User (for instance, if I wanted to find out what and where I had posted in the past 2 weeks or so). I think this plugin needs to add a filter or item that allows anyone to AGAIN see just that users Updates…

    Just my thoughts as I travel through these boards. Thanks!


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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