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Forms to create & edit docs?

  • Hi, I’m evaluating the possibility of using BuddyPress Docs instead of MediaWiki (currently I’m using Wiki Embed). I’m familiar with WordPress but I’m just learning about BuddyPress. Some questions:

    – Is it possible to use forms to create and edit docs?
    – Are all versions of a doc stored and is it possible to revert changes to a previous one?
    – Is it possible to give editing permissions to a group with all registered users?
    – I’m using the WordPress plugin bbPress Topics for Posts ( ) to use the forum for discussion – would this be also possible in the context of BuddyPress – bbPress?
    – Any comments on mobile UI friendliness? (to read docs, editing is secondary)
    – Is there a demo site to see this plugin in action?

    Sorry for the many questions in one post – I hope they are useful for anybody considering this plugin vs a specialized wiki. Thank you.

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  • jjkob


    Hi qgil,

    Did you end up making the transition from Mediawiki to BuddyPress Docs? I am also considering such a transition, and would like very much to hear your thoughts regarding the two platforms.



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