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Forum Index Bug2

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    Yesterday I decided to make a group private and then eventually hidden. Then I noticed all the posts from a different group were showing up in the forum index under it. Then I decided I would just delete the group as I wasn’t ready to deal with it anyway. Maybe then the forum index would correct itself. Nope, the posts are still under this group that I deleted even. When you click the link it does take you to the right group and not the one showing in the forum index.

    Here is the link, the index at the top that says Traveler Host Exchange is supposed to be Writers workshop. Thanks

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  • there is a bug in buddypress bug ( that does not remove the _bb_forum data – possible this is happening and the group_meta is pointing to the older forum_id? can you verify in the database where the _group_meta->forum_id and the _bb_forum->id are the same? (or what they need to be)

    Round World Travels


    Thanks for the quick reply. I went into my database wp_bb_forums and just edited it so it read the right thing. Everything appears OK now, was that what you meant to do. I hope so, lol. Thanks

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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