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Forum Index (Bugs?)

  • Driftless


    Greetings – great work, thanks for the plugin.

    I’m noticing strange behavior on the Form Index module:

    1) The first forum listed has the wrong Avatar and Title (but the right link)

    2) Several group listings don’t include their tag-line (I think the ones with line-breaks in them… though even when I change the tagline to remove the linebreak it still doesn’t list em).

    I have a mixed bunch of public / private groups with / without forums.

    Any thoughts?

    Sorry I can’t provide links – its a closed site.

    – BP: 1.2.6
    – WP: 3.0.1

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  • i haven’t gotten to this plugin yet on 3.0/1.2.6. i’ll take a look at the issues next week, thanks for letting me know!



    OK – thanks for the reply. Your forum suite is indispensable.


    (as an aside, what would it take to make the modules integrated into one plugin – like “theme my login” does so they are not taking up so much plugin page real-estate … just a low-priority admin aesthetics thought. – Thanks)



    Issue 1 resolved by editing the offending group title and saving again. Strage.

    Issue 2 – still haven’t found a workaround.

    both issues look like a remnant of this bug issue:

    can you verify within the db between the group desc and the bbpress table forum_desc (index uses this col – `bp_create_excerpt( $listing->forum_desc, 255 )` )

    as for all the subplugins – nothing planned at the moment as I’ll wait on the future of 1.3 + the new bbPress plugin

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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