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Forums Index Bug

  • When the Forums Index is placed above the Group Forums Directory the tr class alt is applied to each line in the Group Forums Directory (no alternating colors).

    Works fine when placed below.

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  • this is a buddypress thing with jquery applying the alt class to the tr automatically. (i don’t have anything coded in the subplugin to display a css class on that tr)

    and i just noticed with pre-1.2.5 if you are not logged in that alt is being applied to each tr too

    Thanks for getting it added to the trac.

    ok with all the zebra fun that JJJ was having and bp1.2.5 – i just updated the plugin to include a proper alt class within the table tr’s – all should be ok if above/below the forum component’s recent topic list now.

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    upgraded to 0.3.0 and 1.2.5 and now it applies the alt to all the lines of the index if below and and applies it to all topics if placed above.

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    rich! @ etiviti


    did you update the theme too? (as most of the fixes from JJJ was a new class zebra on the tables and changes to global.js)

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    What needs to be updated in the theme?

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    John James Jacoby


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    Is there some sort of readme for custom themes after a BP update?

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    Now I get 404 errors on all my pages.

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    OK I just just changed everything back and installed only the js files. It seems others are having the same 404 issues so I’ll wait till that gets sorted and try again with the rest.

    The new js fixed the wild zebra, but i encountered another issue with the Forum Index plugin. The first forum in the index was getting the “ tr:first-child” class applied to it.

    On line 53 of the bp-forum-extras-index.php you have the header items (Forum, Topics, Posts, etc.) wrapped in a thead tag. So I changed line 53 to tbody and removed /thead from line 61 and removed the tbody tag from line 62 and everything works fine. :)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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