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Foursquare map doesn’t appear

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  • What shortcode are you using?

    And what is your actual Foursquare username?

    Would just like to check whether you or your friends are hiding their whereabouts or not, as that can be a problem, if everyone is or you have no followers or friends… :p

    Otherwise I’m not entirely sure, as its not a problem I am facing or have seen elsewhere…



    I’m using this shortcode: `[gpress map_id=”_foursquare” four_you=”true” four_friends=”true”]`

    And the foursquare username i’m using for the gPress plugin is VisitPorto. –

    i’m still having no map.

    From what I can tell, after visiting the link – you have not yet checked-in anywhere, and the only friend you have also has not checked-in anywhere, so there are no coordinates for the map to use – which is why it is empty. I should however have a warning or something that tells people this, but to be honest, I am looking to remove the Foursquare functionality soon as release it as a seperate plugin, which is probably why I have not improved this function…

    Start checking in to places and the map should spring to life.

    Keep us posted.



    Hi Mark,

    I installed WordPress 3.1 and gPress 0.2.5 and now i can’t find where to setup the foursquare integration. Does this version still support Foursquare integration?
    It seems like gPress is (or was, if it doesn’t now) support Foursquare integration, showing all my check-ins and all my friends’ check-ins too.

    Hope you can help me.

    Unfortunately, as I had hoped you might have seen in the numerous, tweets, posts, and upgrade notices, all Foursquare functionality has now been removed from the core of gPress, as it was Foursquare that was causing 90% of support problems to the project, I came to the realisation that relying on a third-part provider within core simply could not work. I do have plans to provide the same functionality (and more) in a separate gPress-specific plugin / add-on, which I am hoping someone else from the community will then be able to take-over as I continue working towards the most stable gPress core I can create…

    Sorry for the disappointment, but if anyone has specific interest in creating the add-on themselves early, before I get around to it, let me know, and I will work on finishing off the necessary hooks and filters early, and provide some documentation to the brave sole who will take it on…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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