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Get Old Users To Set Location

  • gregberry


    I installed gPress on a site with about a dozen alpha testers already on the system. How do I get them to set their location?

    Also, how do I post a map to the main page (assume this is the widget for Recent Places?)

    hard to tell, because of first problem. thx.

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  • ovizii


    what plugin are you using for the location?
    get yourself a plugin to email all users?



    I had planned a couple of buddypress sites based on members location and was originally going to use Buddypress Maps plugin. That seems to have fallen by the wayside for some reason. Rather than waiting to see if it gets picked up again (which is looking unlikely) and the fact that nothing really covers BP members, groups and profiles, as a map/location system adequately, we have built one instead. It’s called gLocate ( and we are very near to the first formal release in about a weeks time. We do plan to provide a free version of the plugin on here in the very near future but our first priority was to get the fully functioning plugin ready. We are also setting up a demo site where you will be able to see it in action.

    We are committed to this and will be producing a program of development that we are keen to stick to.



    wow. I was looking at gpress but will subscribe to your rss feed to test any beta versions you might offer.

    User locations can be easily added at sign-up or edited from the usual BuddyPress edit profile areas, where there should be a new tab entitled “Edit Location”.

    With gPress 0.2.5, we’ve added some new shortcodes / widgets for easily adding “All Places”, “All Users” and “All Geo-Tagged Posts”, and as you can see from/ – we have our roadmap – – we have a LOT planned for the next 0.2.6 release…



    how is 0.26 going?

    @nanchante – a little slower than I had hoped, but for good reason – as the company I work at now needs two new plugins (for events and optimised meta), which I nearing completion, from where, I will then be returning to gPress 0.2.6 and BuddyPress groups! :-)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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