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gPress – All BuddyPress Members on a single map

  • neosmedia



    Quick question. How can we have a member signup and have the gPress map location only be on teh sigup page once? Right now the user signs up, enters there location, but it does not show on their profile…they have to do it again :(

    Ultimately we want a map on our homepage that displays all the BuddyPress members on a single map with a clickable “pins” that go to that member’s profile page. When is this functionality going to be built in? I saw it on your road map….

    Our site is and the homepage map would have all the recent member pins (about 100-200). I currently have gPress installed

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  • Good idea !

    @neosmedia – this feature will be added very soon, it’s quite close to the top of the list, and MAY even get squeezed-in to the 0.2.5 release that is scheduled for this coming weekend…

    @altisona – it would be nice if we could keep the gPress forums relevant to gPress, rather than trying to use it as a place to market stuff – hope you understand and agree and all the best with gLocate – what I’ve seen looks good…



    @msmalley – I do agree and have removed the reference. Good luck with gPress.

    @neosmedia – as I hope you noticed, we did indeed get this squeezed in to gPress 0.2.5 :-)

    @altisona – thanks for that – and all the best with!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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