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gPress + BP Chat or Gallery errors.

  • Selu Vega


    HI Mark, terrific job with plugin, but I have some issues with some another plugins.

    The know bugs for me are.

    BP Chat: Stops working when I activate gPress, the error its:
    [Interrumpir en este error] var win_id=jQuery.cookie(“maximized_chat_tab_id”);

    BP Gallery: When I try to create a gallery:
    j.scrollTo is not a function
    [Interrumpir en este error] j.scrollTo…0, {offset:+380, easing:’easeout’} );
    genera…ver=3.1 (línea 164)

    when I try to upload a picture on bp gallery:
    [Interrumpir en este error] j.scro…00, {offset:-50, easing:’easeout’} );
    theme.js?ver=3.1 (línea 363)
    j.scrollTo is not a function

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  • Selu Vega


    We repaired the errors, but now its giving crazyness errors about permalinks when mixed with another plugin we made for ourselves based on eventpress…

    Im very sad to dont be able to use gpress, its definetly an personal bet i want to see has the best geolocallization ever…

    Am glad to hear you were able to fix some of the problems, may I ask how you repaired the errors? Did you make changes to gPress or the other plugins?

    Am also very interested to help try to solve the other problems you are having regarding the clash of permalinks…

    Does the error only occur with your modified version of the plugin or does it also occur with the original version of the events plugin?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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