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gPress showcase

  • I think we need a list of sites running gPress to visit for inspiration!

    I didn’t see this posted, so figured it could help out some people in the BP and gPress community.

    My contribution is at

    We’re getting there!

    Love to see, visit, and subscribe at yours!

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  • I think that’s a great idea – will make this topic a sticky one! :-)

    What we really need is some detailed documentation / tutorials on how to set things up. There are a lot of hidden / extra features gPress offers but have had no time to properly document everything, and with the up-coming hooks and filters we plan to add, this is a topic that’s only going to get even more out of control…

    Absolutely, include a nice video walkthrough as well…

    Are you still using gPress…?

    Did you upgrade to 0.2.5 without incident…?

    We will be launching our showcase soon, so it would be nice to see some cool examples out in the wild…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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