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gpress with rating capability

  • First and foremost, awesome plugin!

    What would really be icing on the cake would be a rating functionality for your gpress places — such that a user could click on a map icon to reveal the photo & description (as is now), but also show a rating interface such as .

    That way, a user could click on a place, assign it a rating, and have that rating be associated with the place in the backend. Stop me if this is either easy or completely superfluous — I’m no star plugin developer, and will have to spend some more time checking out the backend to get a better idea.


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  • Thanks for the suggestion – it just so happens I have a project that requires integration with GD Star Rating, so will be looking at adding this is an officially supported component within the next release cycle – which I hope to be starting VERY soon…



    I use Gd Star Rating for my website and I would love this feature as well !



    Great, interested too.

    gPress 0.2.5 can now support almost any plugin – including GD Star Rating – because map marker windows now support full HTML content. However, I did find that I had to modify the GD Star Rating plugin to use events, for anything too fancy that uses jQuery to change things can only work if live() is used, as the map marker windows are not available within the DOM at the point that most plugins tend to look for things…

    Let me know if you need any further help, but please take the time to have a quick look at the limited documentation we have in place:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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