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Group Forum Extras 0.3 update

  • Just tagged 0.3.0 – this includes:

    A new subplugin for adding a css class to topics and posts based on the author’s level (group admin, group mod, banned, friend, follow, mine) which is compared to the logged_in user. You’ll need to define the css within your child theme/whatever – the classes are outlined in the readme and forum extras wp-admin page.

    Ajaxed Quote – requires one less theme edit for 1.2.5 due to a new hook “bp_group_forum_post_meta” next to the admin links (edit, delete, #) but if you use a child theme or a third-party – make sure your theme is updated for this new hook in the /group/single/forum/topic.php template. Editing the template is still required so the reply box shows up on every topic page. (outlined in the readme and wp admin page)

    if using the activity stream on forum posts subplugin – the comments are displayed inline instead of a click to expand (theme edit still required – see readme)

    Fixed a fatal error on the forum index subplugin for the last posted column for a given forum.

    Fixed the zebra highlighting issue on the forum index subplugin

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