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Group invite and welcome message not happening

  • Hi Paul – thanks for yet another terrific and much needed plug-in! The only feature that is working for us is the custom landing page for new users. No one is getting their group invites or welcome message .
    Is the fact that we manually add all users verses them being able to self-register the culprit?

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  • Yes. WP is triggered when a user activates their account; you’re slipping that step by creating users in the backend.

    Paul your plugins is a must have, i really like it, and so much thanks for sharing it.
    I am using wp-fb-autoconnect premium also and i have this problem:
    If a user connect with facebook it is “auto-activate” his account, i mean, the user doesnt need to activate the account. So the user do not get any “welcome message” or “friend invite”.
    Can you please advice me how to get it working.
    The plugin wp-fb-autoconnect let me config a url to redirect the user when a new user is autoregistered. So maybe if you can give me the activation %url_variable% i can paste it to redirect when new user is autoregistered, so he goes to the activation page.

    Hope you can point me to the right directons.

    Correct, it won’t work with plugins that don’t fully (and properly) implement extensions to WordPress’ user authentication. I can’t really produce bespoke fixes for each of these plugins, because there are a lot of them.

    Thanks for your fast answer, can i hire you for doing this?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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