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Group Invites not working – very urgent

  • eclectic_solutions


    After installing Invite Anyone plugin at my siteI created a hidden group and selected 2 members under “Select members from the directory:” to invite. I got a message “Group Invites Sent” after clicking on Send Invites but the invited user didnt get any invitation or notification.

    Also, the I am not getting any autocomplete suggestions for the box “Search for members to invite:”. Please help and let me know how can I fix this issue. Its very urgent.

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  • danbp



    on a standart install, group invite is working.
    I suggest you to deactivate the invite plugin and to test with a basic BP config, so you can better isolate a culprit.

    Also, when asking for help, give your BP version, theme name and used plugin list. Very important to have such information to help in case of urgency.

    Sorry, but we loosing time for now ! 😉




    Sorry about that. I am running BuddyPress Version 2.0.1 , bbPress Version 2.5.3 and Invite Anyone Version 1.3.1 . I also have several other plugins installed on the site.

    If you want I can mail the access details to you and also willing to pay a fee for solving this issue. Thanks.



    If you’re unable to debug and to repair your installation yourself, and willing to pay, i suggest that you create an appropriate post on BP Job Bord.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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