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Group Settings Not Working + BuddyPress timestamp 8 hours off

  • surfergirl92024


    WordPress 3.5.1.
    BuddyPressVersion 1.6.1

    I am having some issues with my BuddyPress Groups:

    -Groups created as “Private” actually are not private, but public.
    -On the Groups Listing page it says that the Groups are private, public or hidden. But when you click on a Private (or even Hidden) Group page, it says “Public Group” “active 8 hours, 25 minutes ago” (even if I just created the group minutes ago). Below that it says “Private Group” and then “Request Membership” but further down on the page I can see all of the Group activity.
    -Hidden Groups are hidden, so I am not concerned with these.
    -As mentioned above, the timestamp on all BuddyPress activity throughout my site is 8 hours behind.

    I have found some topics similar to this, but no clear answers as to why this would be happening. Are there any suggestions for fixing this problem?

    Thank you!!

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  • shanebp


    Re private vs. public groups:
    You are the admin for the site, yes?
    Then you can see everything regardless of the setting.
    Create a non-admin account or log-out – can you still see private groups?

    Re timestamp:
    In wp-admin, settings, general – have you adjusted the ‘local’ time option ?



    Yes I am the admin, but have two separate “test” accounts at Level-1 and Level-2 memberships – this is where I can tell the Groups are not private (I even logged in on a different computer).

    Yes, under settings, general – the local time option has been selected for “Los Angeles” where I’m located.



    As a non-logged-in user, the private groups are private.
    Perhaps somebody else will have a suggestion.

    Re time – what time is your server set to ?
    Use the php date() function to check it.
    You may have to change the server time setting.
    If your server uses PHP 5.1+, you may be able to use
    the php date_default_timezone_set() function



    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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