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GroupBlog config and posting

  • @MariusOoms

    J’ve tried to install BP-GroupBlog on my test site (WP 3.0.1 & BP 1.2.6), but something works wrong.

    What I have done :
    – From WP single to WPMU => OK
    – From subdomain to subdirectory => OK
    – Automatique plugin install => OK
    – Manual theme install => OK
    – Plugin activation => OK
    – Plugin config :
    ——- Theme : BuddyPress GroupBlog
    ——- Redirect Enabled to: Disabled
    ——- Redirect Group Home: unchecked
    ——- Everything else as default parameter

    – I create group in the front office => OK
    – I activate groupblog in my group with default parameter (new blog) => OK
    – On group page, I have “Blog” tab, I clic, I am on the group blog => OK (
    – On group blog, I have the first defoult post, and I have “About” button (see previous link, it’s in french : “A propos” = “About”)
    – If I clic on “About”, I have this link adress : The same as before without my group slug (“groupes”)
    – And then, I have a horrible page without CSS
    – Moreover, I can’t find “create post” link or whatever looks like the blog admin in the front end.

    I think my problem is about the plugin config, but I think I’ve tested all possibilities… Am I missing something ?

    Any idea ?

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  • danbpfr

    read the note on this page ! And also what users saying about the plugin (right col menu)

    I’ve already read it. And I’ve configure my wp-config with subdirectory, no subdomain.

    I think the post on wordpress forum aren’t talking about my issue.



    Hi guigoz….pages should link to that url, since you are viewing a blog page…not a group page. So the url is correct, however your pagelayout should be identical as the BuddyPress theme. Not sure why you are having trouble with this.




    what is the difference (in perspective of user useability) between group forum and group blog?
    dont get me wrong – i really like the groupblog plugin.

    best roman

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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