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  • needhelp101


    Is there a way to have your information such as what groups you are in and your comments etc be upfron when you login? Instead of having to go to group directory searching through a vast number of groups then finding your name is there a better way to make everything you are a part of immediately at sign in. I would make fro a much better user experience instead of navigating to several pages to figure out what is going on

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  • Yes build a custom page and drag into it all and many various loops filtered on the logged in user id to show their data only? or locate a plugin that does a redirect to the users profile on logging in where naturally all their personal stuff is like the groups list that they are members of.



    Hello Hugo,
    I need a little more detail on how to do each of your above suggestions. I know how to add a new page to regular wordpress but dont know how to make it a buddypress page. As for dragging the loops I have no idea what to do. I follow instructions pretty well so if you take me through the steps it will be more than appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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