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group’s name incompatible with other language in URL

  • Architect


    For example, when you start a new group with a Chinese name, the url of posts in that group won’t work if you want to copy paste it into the browser. Once you change the slug of that group into a English name, the URL works. (you can keep the name Chinese, just change the slug) But this can only be done from backend inside “bp_groups”. I think an ideal way to solve this is to give user the option to create a English-only slug name option to fill in besides the name of the group when people are creating new groups.

    An alternative for current version that doesn’t need backend help is to first give the group an English name, then change it into Chinese after the group is created, this way the slug will remain English so the URL still works.

    Hope this bug will be fixed, this is a great plugin, I really enjoying using it. Thank you!

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