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Hack the blogs listing pages – don’t show new ones

  • oldskoo1


    Hi all,

    Wondered if anyone knows or could help me hack the blogs page for BP.

    My network has 80% of the members creating a blog but only 10% actually using it; therefore making it very hard for real blogs to be found unless they are currently active.

    Its a new network and i can’t really remove unused blogs but because i get sign ups everyday its clouding the blog directory with hello world blogs.

    Therefore i thought it would be a good idea only to show blogs that have had a user update (last update db column maybe?). So ignore any blogs and don’t show them in the listing if they haven’t been updated by the user from the default post.


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  • oldskoo1


    If anyone else is looking for the answer to this see my post here :

    Simply, i made a dirty little hack, as follows:

    So, simply put, add the following SQL : AND EXTRACT(DAY_MINUTE FROM wb.last_updated)!=EXTRACT(DAY_MINUTE FROM wb.registered)

    to the functions :

    function get_by_letter

    function get_all

    in the file:


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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