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Help and Feature Request

  • Bo Broadfoot


    Daily Digest emails do not seem to be working. I have a test account, with user only privlages and when I set the account to “All Email” it gets emails, but when set to “Daily Digest” it gets none. Below are my active plug-ins.

    The feature request is for a button that sends a Daily Digest or Weekly Update email immediately to a specified user. This would help with testing immensely.

    BP Group Documents
    BP Group Management
    BuddyPress Album+
    BuddyPress Announce Group
    BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
    BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation
    Buddypress Sitewide activity widgetSecure invitation plugin for WordPress MU and BuddyPress, “secure_invite”

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  • techguy


    I hadn’t been able to test it completely, but I believe I’d been setting it to Daily Digest and it wasn’t applying to everyone either. I just hadn’t had time to completely test it, so I hadn’t mentioned it yet. I’ll try and test more later.

    Bo Broadfoot


    My settings are getting applied to the users properly, but I have never actually seen a “Daily Digest” in my test accounts email. When set to “All Email” the test account receives email updates for everything except replys to activity (which another poster below reported as not working for him either).

    Also I should mention that the group in question is a private group. I will create a public group today and test to see if being public/private has anything to do with it.

    Boone Gorges


    Daily/weekly digests depend on WordPress’s built-in pseudo-cron functions. If digests aren’t being sent, it’s possible that your server isn’t configured to wp-cron to run. Try using something like a scheduled post to see if the problem is broader than this plugin.

    I googled the issue and found a couple of pointers: gives some nice troubleshooting tips

    Bo Broadfoot


    Actually, I tried scheduling 3 posts to post 1 minute apart and the middle one failed and then went through 1 minute later with the last post. So I may have some wp-cron issues afterall.

    My webhost is Dreamhost, which is one of the big WordPress hosts, but it is cheap shared hosting. It may be that the cron jobs are getting delayed enough that the Digests are messing up. If that is the case what would there be a solution? Change hosts? Pay to have a VPS?



    i screwed up the latest release of 2.7 when I re-wrote some digest code to speed it up – I removed the code that fired the digests. They were still stored, but never fired. now they will work and you’ll get all the digested items. sorry about that error. 😳

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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