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Home Page Title Tag Not Working…

  • Brian Bowman


    I know that in your instructions you state:

    If you use Buddypress:
    Be sure that the main Blog header template uses bp_page_title() instead of wp_title() function.

    Can you please clarify on this for me. For my site, – (in production) – I am using the BP-Social Theme (Child). In that folder, I don’t see any “header.php” file. I do see such a file in the parent “BP-Social” folder, but on a code search, I don’t see any text matching “wp_title()”….

    Can you please be more specific….am I searching for the exact correct syntax “wp_title” ? It’s not there and therefor my home page title is picking up the title from the most recent blog post. Thank you.

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  • Sven Lehnert


    You need to copy the header.php from your parent theme to the child theme.
    Every file located in your child theme will be used instead of the parent ones.

    Open your fresh copied header.php in an text editor, and change the header.

    Have a look for `` and change it to


    hope that helps you :-)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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