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(Hopefully) Simple security question

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  • @mercime


    Free membership plugin –
    Works with WP 3.0, requires PHP 5.2



    Hi Tyler,

    Besides mercime’s recommendation of s2member, you can also try the two links I provided you in an earlier comment:

    s2member might be better if you’re building a membership site, especially if you plan on offering a premium membership tier.

    Jeff Sayre


    My BuddyPress Privacy Component is nearing completion, almost ready for a rigorous second beta testing — although the plugin is very-well tested and could be considered an RC if not a fully-fledged first public release. There are a few Trac tickets that I have yet to submit that will be required to be implemented in core (in some form and fashion) before my component will work.

    The good news is that with each of the recent BP point releases, fewer and fewer issues arise. This means that BP 1.2.x series has become quite stable. I’m confident that with the next release (1.2.6) that the codebase will be sufficiently stable to release the Privacy Component (assuming the required Trac changes are implemented and the update does not break something else in the component).

    One of the add ons I’ve included in this massively-overhauled version is what I call Site Lockdown Control. There is a setting section in the backend that allows Site Admins to choose various default site access modes: Site is open to all, Must be logged into site to view, and Maintenance mode that sends everyone except Site Admins to a special page.

    I cannot promise when I will release the BuddyPress Privacy Component as there are too many factors that can push back the release date. I’ve already made the mistake several times of setting a date only to miss it due to various factors. But, privacy is coming to BuddyPress and it is coming soon ( -er or later)!



    My community is absolutely drooling for the BP Privacy plugin. It’s so near and I’ve been telling them for so long that I don’t know if I’ll believe it when it finally arrives. Even with the bugs and glitches that the beta might have we’re more than ready to try it out. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


    I am looking for something similar to the OP but with a twist – a plugin or hack that will restrict buddypress access by userlevel, so that people can register but only access buddypress if Admins for example. Does anyone know how to do this? @jeffsayre will your Privacy component be able to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance,


    Jeff Sayre



    The primary focus of the Privacy Component is to offer users to ability to control who has access to which pieces of their data. But, as I described above, along with restricting access to only logged in users, there will be a Maintenance Mode setting that sends everyone except Site Admins to a special page. So, that gives you three levels of user right there: everyone has access, only logged in users have access, only Site Admins have access.

    An important thing (and the thing that is making me crazy) is to LET the NON-REGISTERED USERS to see the BLOGS. I mean, wee don’t want them to see the profiles, the activity, the forum post, but the BLOGS, is important to maximize the people interested in the community. Seeing only the top of it, the user’s Blogs



    Any update on this yet? :)



    am i missing something or he privacy component hasn’t made it to 1.2.6 release?
    any news on it?


    If you mean you don’t see it as part of the core you wouldn’t it’s a third party plugin that has been lovingly crafted by Jeff and marked for release iirc around early Nov, maybe sooner if we all start donating a little to spur things on ;)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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