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Hopefully this can be updated to allow PMs from “Followers” Only as soon as this feature is released

  • bplove


    Great tool, should be standard on BP, crazy that anyone can send anyone PM’s… spam city ~

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  • r-a-y


    Yup, it’s already on the roadmap!

    Remember to rate the plugin ;)



    Okay, just spent some time working on this feature.

    Will probably release a new plugin called “Private Messages for Followers Only”. The plugin name is self-explanatory; it’s meant to be used only with the Followers plugin as I don’t recommend using both the friends component and the Followers plugin together.



    Very nice r-a-y :) :) :)

    Now…. taking things a step further ..

    Curious, why don’t you feel Friends and Followers should be used together?

    I’m launching a site using both, they both serve different purposes in my opinion… would be ‘ideal’ wink wink, to have it work for both friends and followers…. major pain in the a#$? Because otherwise, yah, you can’t really use both friends and followers with this plugin because obviously you should be able to pm friends….

    anyway great stuf!



    It’s bad from a usability perspective. Notice that doesn’t run both friends and followers?

    If you want, you can modify the code to support both… although it’s a little harder because there are more variables to consider now… not a friend, but a follower? a friend, but not a follower? Make sense?

    I’m not going to add support for both. Sorry!



    +1 for the idea of being able to message people who are following you (but not necessarily people YOU are following, if they haven’t followed back)

    It could be implemented as a setting, which either the site admin can decide for all users, or users can decide for themselves:

    1. Any people on the site can message me.
    2. Only people who I am following, who are also following me, can message me.
    3. Only people who I am following can message me.
    4. Nobody can message me.




    Hi @jossc, sorry for not replying earlier as I didn’t see your post.

    Your request is already available in another plugin:

    I don’t have admin settings allowing the user to choose like you mentioned above though.
    Maybe in a future release.



    @r-a-y I’m curious about how the code should be modified to support both followers AND friends. I have friends and followers enabled on my site and things seem to be working, but I can understand how this could be confusing. I do like the option of having both though, as they are very different kinds of relationships between users.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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