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Host Gator vs. GoDaddy

  • ericreynolds007


    We are currently running four client BP social networks and online communities on a Host Gator VPS Level 4 plan. The plan costs us $80 a month with a cPanel and the configuration is a 2 ghz CPU, 1.3 GB RAM, 59 GB HD, and 1050 GB of bandwidth. Host Gator’s support has been fantastic. Yet their entire network of servers has gone down twice (for an hour) in the past three months.

    For $90 a month, GoDaddy offers a similar plan, VDS Premium. Yet the server would be double the CPU (4 ghz), double the RAM (4 GB), and double the bandwidth. GoDaddy claims that they guarantee a less than %1 chance of downtime. Consumer reviews state that GoDaddy’s support is poor.

    So, do we remain with Host Gator? Or should we take advantage of the speed and bandwidth of GoDaddy and sacrifice Host Gator’s exceptional support?

    Also, thanks to W3 Total Cache, our sites and site activity are moving pretty fast. You can view one of our client sites to get an idea of the speed.

    Is it worth investing in Amazon’s AWS services for a CDN?

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  • shanebp


    Godaddy support is truly awful.
    For anything complicate, you ask about apples, they’ll answer about oranges.
    Good support is worth a lot, imo.

    Re Amazon’s AWS – it can help but costly. Although why would you want it for a ‘local’ site like Sadie’s ?

    It’s too bad that Total Cache doesn’t support ‘ghetto’ cdn (subdomain) or am I wrong about that?

    Good support should never ever be underestimated!

    AWS :)
    Myth 1: it’s cheap, no it aint
    Myth 2: it’s easy to use – no it’s not.
    Myth 3: it’s really reliable, hmm not necessarilly

    However it’s fun, has some pretty clever uses; production server? personally the juries out on that one.



    Stay away from Godaddy hosting. I’ve used mediatemple and rackspace cloud sites with good results.



    Godaddy is woefully inefficient. If you want to have a cheap web 1.0 site you don’t update, go for it.

    If you want zero hold time, live chat with support, unlimited bandwidth/hosting, and an admin interface that’s faster and more sensible than you’ve ever seen, go with Hostgator. :)


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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