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how can I change few words in a localization?

  • Master Po


    Hi, I need to personalize some text in the italian translation, I posted on the italian buddypress forum but the admin of the forum is not so well and he’s absent from the forum for a period, so I am here to ask…
    I try to change a string with Poedit but I got 2 fatal error:
    ../Transmit/.tmp_adjltz/buddypress-it_IT.po:1550: a format specification for argument 4 doesn’t exist in ‘msgstr’
    ../Transmit/.tmp_adjltz/buddypress-it_IT.po:1562: a format specification for argument 2 doesn’t exist in ‘msgstr’

    can you help me please, I’m not a translator and I don’t have any experience in this field…

    thank you so much!
    Master Po

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  • revolutionfrance


    Hey, you try a plugin called codestyling localization here:



    HIGHLY highly suggest following Revolutionfrance’s suggestion about using the “code-styling” plugin. Works fine with the “transposh” plugin too. Poedit gave me errors and making a customized-english version of buddypress.pot from scratch was a a bigger hassle than I had expected. (someday I’ll learn it…) This was PERFECT for buddypress with scholarpress courseware. Specifically, turning “groups” into “courses” was key, along with other semantic changes. Take a look if you want:

    I don’t usually spend time with posts of praise, so I hope others in my shoes will find this useful too! Thanks again and good luck!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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