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How do I create links on the nav bar?

  • Kristen


    Hi all!
    I want to add links to my nav bar without having to add a new menu, and then into that put custom links (that drops down). Instead of having an “About” tab and then on mouse-over the “About” link drops down, I just want it to be the “About” link that viewers can click directly on the nav bar.

    I have not been able to figure it out. Or even know if it is possible. Can someone help me out?

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  • Probably first question is do you in fact need to be using this plugin and not simply restyling the default main BP menu links or keeping the adminbar plugin running for the ability to customise it but not hidding the main menu.

    Originally the idea – at least from my perspective with what I was working on – was simply to be able to gain control of the adminbar, the notion to use it to replace the main links came a bit later.

    As such at the moment the wp_list_pages doesn’t work for wp_nav_menu enabled sites.

    Some re-coding would need to be effected to bring back the capability, off top of my head it would probably make most sense to stick with newer wp_nav_menu but provide a new menu region that would in effect not act as a drop down but simply output what ever items you selected floated inline, It shouldn’t be hugely difficult to do, but would require some testing to ensure it worked as expected.

    @pcwriter Patrick this actually would be simple but for one hugely annoying fact that it’s been made very hard to remove the UL parent from the new WP menus otherwise I’ve simply taken bp_adminbar_pages5 and removed the LI wrapper allowing it to become what should be a top level item, thus bp_adminbar_pages5 could be renamed to something like wp-pages-items and used exclusively for pages links

    As things stand doing this looks correct in functionality but in reality is borked mal-formed markup.




    It’s definitely an idea worth looking into.

    The thing that disappoints me most about WP3 custom menus is that menu titles can’t be linked to anything; they simply default to the homepage.



    @hnia and @pcwriter

    Thank you for your advice. I am so new to this, that this task seems very daunting and too much work for me at this point. I will just have to “make do” with what it offers me for now.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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