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how to add place map into a post

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  • Unfortunately, there is presently no simple way to insert places into posts.

    For now, places are designed to be standalone, in much the same way as posts are. Posts themselves can be geo-tagged if you really want an easy way to add a map into a post, or put a marker on a map for a post, but this is really designed for the mobile applications, and is automatically switched on if those are being used, otherwise you need to re-configure “gPress Options” to force the geo-tagging post functionality.

    The reasons behind separating posts and places can be read here (where I really would appreciate as much feedback on the matter as I can get):

    However, with that said, it is possible to manually insert places using shortcodes, as briefly documented here –

    With all that said, we are planning to add options for easily inserting places into posts, but are first wanting to complete the place itself and the basic BuddyPress integration with groups – as seen on our roadmap – – where we plan to re-address the insertion of places into posts in version 0.2.9.



    Actually there is a very easy way to link places post-type to posts post-type

    check out the plugin from Scribu:

    I am already using this to link my video post-type to my audio post-type among many other scenarios.

    I don’t have the time at the moment to do a workup for you, but I will attempt to do it either later tonight or this weekend. It’s seriously as easy as adding a few lines of code to the theme’s functions.php file after installing the plugin. Basically the plugin creates a relations table between 2 post types with an admin drop down box of choices.

    Meaning, there would be a metabox on the post admin side where you could select from an existing set of places. Check the one you want, and then simply add a few lines of code to the theme’s template files for including the map.

    –the only ‘weakness’ is that if a place does not yet exist, you have to leave the post admin page, go create a new place, and then return to the post page in order to add it to the post…. I’m working on a solution to this, although it’s going rather slow.

    hope it helps

    Sounds very promising – if you work something up (specifically with the add new place if not in list feature), we will be able to include the functionality earlier, otherwise it will need to wait until we have finished working on “places”, where the next step in the journey of places comes down to providing more functionality for adding and inserting data relevant to the place, much like you build a form using Gravity Forms, Wufoo or something like that , which we plan to start working on in version 0.2.5+



    I’m curious why you don’t simply register the gpress metabox to the post type ‘posts,pages’ as well. Wouldn’t it then require nothing more than a few template mods to get the maps to show on posts/pages?

    btw — don’t hold your breath waiting for me to merge the post types together on the admin screen. I’ve tried about half a dozen approaches so far, and none work yet. Right now I simply force my users to update the other post types first, sucks, but it works for now.

    I’ve put numerous bid requests out there with a number of coders, but everyone I know who is capable of extending the plugin is very busy. Believe it or not, not one coder even asked me how much I was willing to spend. Economy on the web must be outstanding right now…

    You can already add maps to posts by changing the Advanced Settings to force geo-tagged posts, which are otherwise only used when posting from a mobile device through one of Automattic’s mobile applications. This is done this way to separate posts and places until the proper integration is ready, which can only be done after we have completed the structure for places, which should all be in place by version 0.2.6 of gPress… Thank you for your patience, support and feedback…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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