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How to disable achievements to show in activity stream?

  • candy2012


    HI, how can we disable those achievements (the few that work) from the users activity stream?

    It is really annoying to get everyone to see those icons in the activity, it’s not relevant and by many user registrations I end up with an activity timeline filled in with only ”user X just registered and unlocked achievement Y” – I’d like the activity part for each user to be ”free” of achievemets

    How to do?


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  • I noticed the achievement list items have a unique class. If you want, you can target them via CSS and hide them:

    ul#activity-stream li.achievements { display:none; }



    Thanks, it did not work though .. :-(
    Actually I cannot see any “ul” class in the activity, the plugin is simply pushing the information inthere without asigning any class to it. Like the word “unlocked” is simply inserted into the timeline with no class or html tag attached …

    I have even tried to disable the plugin, was a full disaster and it fully broke the BP user profiles by the occasion.

    A plugin that sounds so great, but maybe too good to also be true :(

    Disabling Achievements does NOT break profiles, unless you’ve customised your theme and not handled that case properly.

    It’s about a million times more useful to me if you also tell me which achievement types don’t work, too. how else can I try to fix them?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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