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How to do tests and quizes

  • Prometheus Fire


    I’ve been looking through your courseware plugin and it looks awesome! My partners and I are looking to use it as the foundation for a new website, however, we’ve noticed that there is no facility for testing.

    For example, the current offline courses that we are seeking to replace, uses simple multiple-choice testing which is easier to implement in a computerized situation than subjective testing like essays that require teacher grading. Multiple choice testing offers the ability grade the tests instantly offer feedback.

    Are there plans to include any test or quiz support integral to the courseware plugin? Having a way to deliver, at least, multiple choice tests and quizes in the courses would be a great addition. Essays are a little easier to support since they can already be implemented with the existing assignment section, but there is no way to do simple knowledge testing with multiple choice.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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