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[Resolved] How to: edit tab link and menu?

  • robbdmc


    How can I change where the main Profile tab is linked to? I would like it to actually go to a users profile, not activity. Then how can I change the order of the drop-down menu?

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  • mrjarbenne


    Here’s how to change the default link when you go to Profile:

    Change the default tab opened when looking at a user’s profile (default is activity):
    ‘define( ‘BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT’, ‘profile’ );’ (Note: if you change the URL slug of xprofile, say, ‘define ( ‘BP_XPROFILE_SLUG’, ‘info’ );’, you would have to change it here accordingly, ‘define( ‘BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT’, ‘info’ );’ otherwise, link to the profile page would always jump to homepage.)

    This was taken from the BP Codex here:

    I’m not sure of your second question. You may want to create a separate forum question for that one, or wait for someone smarter than me to come along.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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