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How to monitor?

  • Rita84


    Hi, I am working on a site where a student has a guardian and guardian can view the sent/received messages of the student. But In BuddyPress, the students ‘Messages’ nav item is hidden for displayed user. Please help me how to make it visible for his guardian only and remains invisible to all others displayed users? please help. Thanks

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  • shanebp


    Give the guardian the student’s login info.



    Hi, thanks for reply shanebp. I have resolved my problem. Now facing another problem. Please assist me. I have place a checkbox below the compose message form. Now when user checks this checkbox, his message will be sent as anonymous and his name will be invisible to receiver. I am searching since last two days but could not find any solution for this. Can you write a little bit of code here which can be helpful for me. Also can you tell me how to get $last_message_id;.
    I found this variable $last_message_id; in buddypress/bp-messages-classes.php.

    Please reply shane. Your reply will be very helpful to me. thanks

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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