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How to uninstall properly?

  • Hi,

    I’m using Events Calendar Pro to manage an Event content type– it had been drawing maps of individual events very nicely:

    My client requested a member map, and I thought I’d install gpress to see what it does. It doesn’t quite do what I need, but I now can’t get my Events Calendar Pro maps to render on the screen. I tried modifying the template to draw maps through Gpress, but that doesn’t work either. Deleted your plugin (sorry! I wanted it working!) and created new events hoping any database changes would be restored, but no luck.

    Any ideas at all? I’d love to use gpress given how everyone raves about it, but my system is customised at the moment, and I need to present what I have to the client. My address encoding seems to be fine– it’s just no longer drawing the map on the page. I have a presentation in the morning (damn damn damn) so any help would be so useful….

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