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Huge apologies – I’m back!

  • Alex


    Explains that I was away for the last few months trying to get elected! I will be working hard on a beta tomorrow as I have the whole day off.

    Many of the requests that I’ve heard will be rolled into this release – see it as a brand new plugin (all old data will be ported of course)

    There will be no BuddyPress dependencies, and all of the universal improvements I had planned will be created. This might mean I have to re-release it under a different name, but we’ll see…

    Who would like to beta test this and provide feedback about new features?

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  • Brooker


    Cool! been waiting for the update ;)
    Congrats on your election! if you need beta tester Im in!



    Whoah. Hempsworth comes outta nowhere!

    I’ve added and customized so much with the plugin I’m a little bit afraid now that I’ll have to recreate all my work with the new one. Fingers crossed that it does the stuff I’ve added out of the box…

    (Mostly just extending it to allow liking of all blog posts and comments for all sites in the network (or was that built-in? I can’t remember at this point), keeping a count of thanks given and received in usermeta for each user, and adding support for DJPaul’s achievements app I think). I also extended it to liking forums posts a while back for another site I was working on, but haven’t revisited that for a long time, so I kind of forget what I did there.

    Anyway, looking forward to the new one. If you want to access to my crappy hacks for the current one, let me know. ;-)

    Selu Vega


    I want to be tester!!! thats a such a great news you´re elected and back

    Wow :) Hempsworth is back. An I could not be happier. Now a politician and super developer. Id love to test the next version. Good to see you back.



    this is great! any time frame??



    Suprise! Welcome back! Congrates on your winning the election!
    I’d love to be a beta tester. How to join?
    I pray–you give the posibility for developers to sort posts by “Likes” count in new release. :-)



    I’ve been working away at trying to get as much cool stuff into BP-Like as possible, so I haven’t forgotten you guys!

    I can confirm that the release will coincide with the BuddyPress 1.3 release. I didn’t want to release something that would possibly need updating shortly after (I’ll leave that for bug fixes!)



    Best news I’ve heard all day. Thanks @Hempsworth !!!

    Thanks for coming back to finish what you started. I like to make some suggestions for future updates:

    1. Like Activity comments
    2. New tab to view most liked activity post or most liked comments
    3. Filter most liked post or comments by date (day, week, month or year)
    4. Give plugin users an option to turn off “View Likes” if desired
    5. Give plugin users an option to have a dislike button for up and down voting for post and comments
    6. Keep being awesome and don’t ever abandon this great plugin!

    I know you’re busy and most of the above request probably won’t make it, but as a fan of your plugin, I’m just giving my feedback. Keep up the good work and I also would love to beta test any new updates.

    Micheal Kennedy


    Is @hempsworth still developing this plugin. One the best plugins around!!! Hope he updates it for BP 1.5!

    Micheal Kennedy


    Clearly not! lol :(

    Hans Klysner


    @hempsworth No need to apologies. I think everybody understand you are bussy. Could you hand over the development of the plug in to another person? It who be very helpfull for the success og the plugin.



    +1. This thing is fantastic, but it really needs to become a bit more Facebook-like. Any news? Anyone reworking this or finding another plugin that gets updated? Happy to contribute on that. Thanks.






    How do I get the beta? I’d love to test it out.





    Thanks for this plugin, it really works great !!

    I am a little new to wordpress (buddypress) so wanted to know can I tweak with this plugin to create a double like option? Something like “XY Likes this” and “YZ Double Likes this”.

    Also on the Blogpost page I cannot find a link to view likes, that is to see which users have liked the blogpost.

    Thanks for all your help!

    Cheers !



    I would love to test it out.  count me in

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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