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icon-small . png not displaying in activity feed

  • Hi,

    Fantastic plugin, looking forward to the premium Goliath version. Meanwhile, I have my cron and APIs configured and everything is pulling in fine from Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. However, in my activity feeds, the tiny icons (icon-small.png from the respective folders) are not displaying. I don’t see any other posts in the forums that reference this particular behaviour.

    When I inspect the elements, I see that the URL is defined as secure with https. I think that is preventing the image file from being accessible. Is there a way to fix this by editing .PHP, .css or .js files in WordPress plugin editor or another way to fix the problem?


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  • Weird, all of a sudden, though the URLs are still defined as secure with https, the images are now displaying. Hmmm….

    Was browsing in Chrome. Just switched over to IE9 and checked the activity feed. Broken graphics and site security certificate error. Ignore certificate error and images display. Don’t think those URLs need to be secured by default.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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