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Image issue (sure you guys can fix this one though)

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    Im using word press 3.0 MU and my theme dictated that i needed to change Super admin/sites/edit “upload path” to “wp-content/uploads”. I also changed “Fileupload Url” to “”.

    The theme now functions and the when i post images on my page they appear in the homepage slider has i wanted. However…

    I have now installed Buddypress Album+ Version 0.1.7. All works fine apart from the fact that the image path is incorrect. The images are uploading to wp-content/uploads. Yet the missing image path is:×400-150×150.jpg

    Why is it inserting “home/chocolat/public_html/” into the image path? how can i remove this?

    How do i change this so Album+ can find the images??

    Thanks in advance

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    We do not currently have a fix available for this problem with version 0.1.7

    If you’re still developing the site and not loading in “real” content yet, you should install version 0.1.9 of the plugin. You can download the latest nightly build here:

    Keep in mind that if you install version 0.1.9 you’ll lose all uploaded media items when we switch to our new data storage architecture about a week from now. Still, it should be fine for development work.



Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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