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!important : please read this before upgrading to BP My Home 1.2

  • imath


    This version introduce a new way to manage the widgets. Before they were in a subdirectory of the plugin which was annoying for the people who developed their own widgets.
    Before upgrading, they needed to backup their widgets and once BP My Home upgraded, put them back in the subdirectory.

    With this new version, this will be the last time you’ll have to backup your widgets before upgrading. Now the widgets will be located in `wp-content/uploads/bpmh-widgets`

    1. Upgrading :
    Once done, you’ll need to go to BPMH Manager (submenu of BuddyPress backend menu) in order to install the widgets in the new directory :

    As you can see, a mention will remind you the widgets you activated before the upgrade, so you just have to click on each link “Install this widget”. Then, for those who developed their own widgets, you can paste the folders into `wp-content/uploads/bpmh-widgets`.

    2. First Install
    Once the plugin activated, you’ll also need to go to BPMH Manager in order to install and activate the widgets :

    Install the widgets of your choice by clicking on the “Install this widget” link then, you can make them available to your members by clicking on the link “Activate”

    This version also adds new features :
    1. a new widget to display the latest posts of the blogs (thanks to)
    2. It’s now possible to use this tag `<?php if(function_exists(‘the_bpmh_bkmks_tag’)) the_bpmh_bkmks_tag() ;?>` to display the “Add to my bookmarks” link on page or post.
    3. Widget developers can add translations to widgets using the hook `add_action( ‘load_widget_language_files’, ‘your_custom_get_locale_function’ );` (check bpmh_example for more infos)
    4. I also added 4 hooks so you can easily add content above or under the user widgets or above or under the user settings :
    `// Above widgets
    add_action (‘bp_my_home_before_widgets’, ‘your_function_to_add_content_above_widgets’);
    // Below widgets
    add_action (‘bp_my_home_after_widgets’, ‘your_function_to_add_content_under_widgets’);
    // Above the user settings
    add_action (‘bp_my_home_before_widgets_setting’, ‘your_function_to_add_content_above_settings’);
    // Below User Settings
    add_action (‘bp_my_home_after_widgets_setting’, ‘your_function_to_add_content_under_settings’);`

    Finaly this version works on WP 3.0 or WP 3.1 and BuddyPress of course ;)

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