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Impressed by gPress

  • Daniel


    @msmalley – I am very impressed by this plugin even in this early stage of development – I am very keen to see a working plugin for BuddyPress that works across members profiles, groups and sitewide tagging which presents browsers with location centric information of other members based on the browsers IP location and member profile types or filters.

    Excited to see how this develops and would am looking forward to 0.2.5

    Do you have any idea of timescales :) ?

    anyway – good stuff

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  • @altisona – many thanks for the support and encouragement, it REALLY is much appreciated…

    Version 0.2.5 of gPress seems so close yet so far, and is definitely an exciting time, as its pretty much entirely focused to BuddyPress improvements, the only problem I’m facing is time.

    At the moment, due to present working conditions and commitment, I presently have about one full day and a few hours here and there a week to work on both this and GeoPress –

    In an attempt to get some funding so I could take a few months off work and iron things out, I started a project funding page for GeoPress on IndieGoGo – – but without time and contacts to market GeoPress in anyway, it seems there is more interest in gPress.

    Despite having a solid roadmap and function set planned out for both projects, without the necessary time or funding for either project, I am unfortunately unable to give accurate timescales…

    Please also stay connected through Twitter – for more information.

    Thanks again for the feedback and please be patient as we work on what we can when we can…

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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