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indevidual sidebar’s – plugin’s calling diff

  • nit3watch


    *Edit: soz I posted in the wrong place ( this isnt group email sub related ).. Had another window open, bleh. Could a mod please move it

    Its a bit hard to try explain this but Ill have a go..

    Ive created seperate sidebars for like ‘groups index’ and ‘groups single’ and/or members index and members single so that I can display different widgets for the individual pages. The problem comes in when on a selected tab of a plug-in such as cubepoints, ( points ) as in the image. It calls the sidebar used for ‘pages’.

    This happens with all my plugins though the forum and blog that come with bp work fine.

    How would I get it to work, calling the correct sidebar as defined in say, ‘member-single’?

    Here are the screen-shots to help clarify my problem.

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