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Install Buddypress, my visits dropped

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    Two weeks ago, I installed Buddypress on my blog (WP 2.9.2/Buddypress 1.2) and my visits started to drop. The first week, my visits dropped about 20%. The second, about 60%. I checked Google Webmaster Tools and found lots of 404 errors and duplicate content. There are lots of duplicate links with some weird “filters”: /?afilter=blog, /?acpage=50.I’m using a plugin that duplicates a lot of content (bp-links). Althought, Google still indexes my site. I suspect I have a serious SEO problem. But my hosting (Dreamhost) has forbidden using SEO plugins. So, have you guys, ever experience a problem like mine? Had you visits ever dropped after install BP? Any ideas about how can I fix it? I’m not a tech guy, by the way. Thanks you very much (sorry for my english)

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