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Interested in the “Most Favorited” Widget!

  • I used @r-a-y‘s code to add a “favorite” link to posts site-wide, but would love a way to display which posts are currently the most favorited on my main site’s sidebar :)

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  • Nm


    @justbishop i have a different script for favoriting sitewide posts than ray’s…and it doesn’t have a counter yet. only have a “who’s favorited this post” widget that goes on the post page & there’s also a submenu on the member profile to house all your favorites in a list with thumbnail and title, no counter there either. So there’s not a way to do most favorited posts yet. I haven’t even let anyone use the “plugin” yet..b/c there are alot of steps to installation..i will because i need help integrating it with bp activity and that means there are ninja skills needed..and i don’t have those skills! :

    Aw, well poop! I wish I had the ninja skillz to help you, but alas, I am fairly skillz-less, lol!



    @nahummadrid – I have used @r-a-y‘ scode as well, but would love a ‘who has favourited’ widget to go on the page, would your widget work with ray’s code too?



    @ddgdaily i haven’t see that code where can i see in action? how does it work? short answer probably not. :) I’m still trying to figure out how to package what i’ve got to pass it to others to try. :( maybe i’ll work on that this weekend.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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