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invites are showing as accepted immediately

  • ds123


    such an awesome plugin @boonebgorges … just one thing noticed so far …. that i sent a test invite from my admin account and under sent invites it has the green check mark next to it already even though the invite has not been accepted which i take it means member has registered for my site? is this is a known bug …. or maybe could i disable it somehow until it can be fixed in later version? thanks!

    ah i think i know why this is happening maybe you could help me figure out a way to hack it or something …i’m using brajesh’s autoactivate plugin so user does not have to confirm by email … any advice on how to make it work with brajeshs plugin if that is the issue?

    **********RESOLVED ………… brajesh updated his plugin to fix this current version thanks
    for anyone with this prob

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